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 At Green Leaf Medical Center, you’ll receive an effective individualized treatment plan for your qualifying medical marijuana illness or injury, plus care that’s designed to help you avoid additional health issues. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you be well and enjoy life to the fullest.


Green Leaf Medical physicians are committed to the medicinal value cannabis brings to your holistic healthcare treatment and providing safe and compliant access into the Louisiana medical marijuana program. At Green Leaf Medical Center you will spend time with a caring, non-judgmental medical professional qualifying your condition for medical marijuana and discussing cannabis as it relates to your specific needs. We at Green Leaf Medical Center specializes in administering medical marijuana evaluations, and written medical marijuana recommendations from our board-certified and licensed medial professionals. By taking an individualized approach to alternative medicine, Green leaf Medical Center certainly separates itself from the rest of its competitors. We boast a staff that is built-up of compassionate, understanding and intelligent individuals whose mission is to help you gain safe access to cannabis for your healthcare. Please note that we are always within compliance of all state of Louisiana medical marijuana bylaws and ordinances.  


Qualifying Medical Conditions

$250: Initial/Follow-Up Visit Every 3 months with a Licensed Physician. During this 3 month period you get access to unlimited visits in person or by phone or email and also covers all refills during this period. This will allow us to make an adjustment to dosage if needed.
No Extra Charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$200: Discounted Visit Program will apply to all pediatric patients, veterans, and first responders. Everything will be included in this price. No Extra charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We accept payment in cash, credit or debit card. At this time, we are not accepting checks or insurance coverage. Therapeutic marijuana and clinic visits associated with therapeutic marijuana are not currently covered by insurance companies.


Our Address
  • Metairie- COMING SOON!!

  • Terrytown- 51 Holmes Blvd Suite A                                                                           Terrytown, LA 70056

  • New Orleans- COMING SOON!!

  • Northshore- 832 E. Boston Street Suite 6                                                                Covington,LA 70433

Contact Info

Terrytown Phone: 504-940-4942  Terrytown Fax: 504-263-5114

Covington Phone: 985-590-2523




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